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Rattan Rods are used in conjunction with our stainless steel scrapers to remove creosote stalagmites from smoke chamber walls.

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Traditional Rod and Brush: This system has been used since chimney sweeping began many years ago.These brushes and rods are flexible so they can be bent and pushed through small openings where traditional brushes and rods cannot.Sweeping log for woodstove fireplaces and inserts that helps to prevent chimney fire.

The SnapLok line of innovative products was designed and developed by a long time chimney and duct cleaning professional with more.With traditional sweeping rods you create surface tension, and the brush grabs the surface causing the flue to move while you are trying to sweep it.Fiberglass Extension Rods: 48-inch-long rods connect end to end and carry the chimney brush down the flue.

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Our cleaning process uses a variety of tools to get the job done from both the inside of the fireplace as well as from the top of the chimney.

We use custom-designed brushes (much larger than a standard chimney brush) along with interlocking fiberglass poles and clean your chimney from the fireplace to the cap with no mess.

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We sell flexible chimney cleaning rods made from nylon and polypropylene that are easy to use and come in different sizes to suit your chimney requirements.The chimney sweep will tarp and tape off the fireplace inside your home so when the chimney is being cleaned creosote will not go into your home.

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Our SootEater kits and replacement parts will lower the cost of chimney maintenance and reduce the chances of dangerous chimney fires.After inserting it into the opening of the chimney, you will use the chimney brush to clean the inside walls of the chimney by raising and lowering the brush.During the chimney sweeping service, the technician will do the following: Sweep flue free of creosote buildup from the bottom up (through the fireplace) using a flexible-rod, steel-wire brush.Second degree creosote is the type that is formed in the above-mentioned scenario, when there is restriction to the amount of incoming air.

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With the amount of snow that we get on the Southern shore of.Chimney Cleaning in North Pole on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Chimney Cleaning in North Pole, AK.We deliver worldwide and have various delivery options available on each listing See complete description.Our standard procedures include the use of vacuums, tarps, drop cloths and shoe covers to make sure that your home stays clean.

The brushes are brushed along the inside walls of your chimney which will make the buildup of creosote fall into your fireplace.

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This is good information for you to present to your insurance company as proof that you are meeting the Fire Code requirement for chimney inspection.

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Chimney sweeping is an unregulated profession, so when considering a career as a chimney sweep be sure to get recognized training.The Sooteater is a spinning chimney whip that removes soot and creosote build-up using small plastic lines.

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Many people prefer this method because it results in the least amount of cleanup inside the.Francis was joined by his son George Tippett, learning the skills of the trade.

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Regular chimney cleaning protects your chimney, house, and family from fires.OUR STANDARD SWEEPING PROCESS FOR A FIREPLACE Our standard fireplace flue cleaning begins with our trained technicians laying out protective drop cloths and setting up a high powered vacuum so no soot will escape into your home.For those needing chimney cleaning equipment for cleaning round metal chimneys from the bottom, we have the proflex chimney rods and the sweeps all chimney brushes, which come in a variety of sizes.This category features chimney brushes and the corresponding rod for both masonry and metal chimneys.Meanwhile, we use several different brushes and rods to ensure the proper and effective removal of soot from the chimney and connector pipes.No matter which brush you choose, you should also purchase brush rods that will help you clean the chimney.

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The Wohler Viper Chimney Cleaning System can be used when standard chimney cleaning brushes and rods are too stiff and the chimney needs to be cleaned from the bottom, has multiple bends or difficult access points.When cleaning a Class A Chimney System it is important that you have all of the right tools and supplies.

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Should there be any build up in the flue this causes narrowing of the flue and even more surface tension making sweeping hard and causing movement in the flue you are sweeping.A creosote sweeping log can help improve your fireplace performance, but you still need a regular chimney inspection from a qualified chimney sweep for safety.This article provides instructions on three different methods for cleaning a chimney, as well as tips on chimney cleaning safety.

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